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Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues

from Carpe Dementia by the great Luke Ski



A parody of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by Bob Dylan, about the original "Star Wars" Trilogy.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
1, 2, 3, 4!

Leia's on the spaceship,
facin' lots of hardship,
I'm on the farm tip,
scoopin' up a cow chip,
a droid like a trash can,
protocol gold man,
said they got a message and
they gotta find old Ben.
Look out Luke,
This isn't a fluke.
Ben met Han,
so we went to Alderaan,
in the Millennium Falcon,
but the whole planet's gone.
A man in big black mask,
The Death Star's on.
Darth Vader rules,
like a Corleone space don.

Sneak around, light foot,
Leia's lookin' real good.
Obi got killed, put
plans in the droid, but
We snuck out, got away,
Took a shot at the array,
Blew the damn thing away.
Hip hop hooray!
Look out Luke,
you're hearing a spook.
Leia, Han, Chewbacca,
and C3PO are
running from the Empire,
I listen to Obi Wan.
Go to Dagobah,
go see Yoda.
You do need a wise old man
who sounds just like Grover.

(Near... Faaaaaaar!)

Get trained, get well,
livin' in a stinkwell,
see the future, do tell,
Han says "I'll see you in Hell".
Froze tight in carbonite,
backfired the scam
That Lando planned.
Meet your Dad and lose a hand.
Look out Luke,
put up your duke.
Jabba's Cabaret,
the Lard Block Cafe.
Caught me takin' Han away.
A Monster in the desert,
is lookin for a dessert.
I'm not a souffle.
I blew them all to Bombay.

Endor decor,
Trees, rocks, Ewoks.
Emperor said this, get pissed,
fight or we'll persuade sis.
Terminate the new Star, Dad switched.
Han got the princess.
Twenty years of movies
and they put us on VHS.
Look out Lucas,
Don't ever rebuke this.
Made a couple sequels,
raves from all peoples,
action figure heapfulls,
fling like seagulls.
To the past we must forge
so we put George
Lucas back to work.
Because the weasel's makin' prequels!

May the force be with you always.


from Carpe Dementia, released March 26, 1999
Lyrics & Vocals by the great Luke Ski
Harmonica by Luke Sienkowski
Music & engineering: Daniel Robinson




the great Luke Ski Burbank, California

"the great Luke Ski" is The Dr. Demento Show's most requested artist of the 21st Century. His parodies and original songs about pop-culture have made him a favorite performer at fandom conventions all across the country. Founding member of The Funny Music Project, aka 'the FuMP' .com .

Luke Ski is an animation Storyboarder, Writer, & Voice-Over Actor.

The opinions expressed here are mine alone.
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