Star Wars Prequel Homesick Blues - 2005

from by the great Luke Ski, featuring Carrie Dahlby



A parody of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by Bob Dylan, about the "Star Wars" Prequel Trilogy. (A follow-up to "Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues")


I got a bad feeling about this.
1, 2, 3, 4!

Qui-Gon's on the station,
for negotiation.
Trade Federation
wants obliteration.
A queen in kabuki garb,
Jedi rescued.
Got her off of Naboo
with some help from R2.
Look out kid,
You're chock for of Mid-
-ichloriens, Our
boy works at Watto's bazaar.
We won a slave and a hyperdrive
betting on NASCAR.
Took Ani to Coruscant.
A prophet star?
The Senate's gridlocked,
and don't forget Jar Jar.

Ani blastin' aloft
made the droid's attack soft
Darth Maul was the black goth
now, he's only half-off.
Much later on, Padme,
Zam tried to assassinate.
Yoda helped Obi find a
Planet they had misplaced.
Look out kid.
Beware of your id.
Obi saw Camino's
Discount troop clones.
DNA of Jango's
and after Ani's sand prose.
Mom went comatose.
Flipped, like, adios!
You don't need a bantha nose
to smell the Tuskens decompose.

Dooku Obi did find
hangin' in a bug mine.
Chase in the assembly line,


from May The Farce Be With You, track released August 18, 2005
Lyrics, vocals, & harmonica by the great Luke Ski
Music by Daniel Robinson




the great Luke Ski Burbank, California

"the great Luke Ski" is The Dr. Demento Show's most requested artist of the 21st Century. His parodies and original songs about pop-culture have made him a favorite performer at fandom conventions all across the country. Founding member of The Funny Music Project, aka 'the FuMP' .com .

I am a Storyboarder, Writer, & Voice-Over Actor at Cartoon Network. The opinions expressed here are mine alone.
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