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the great Luke Ski, featuring Sudden Death - Peter Parker

from Uber Geek by the great Luke Ski

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A parody of “Peter Piper” by Run DMC, about Spider-Man and the Marvel universe.


Now Peter Parker popped pictures, for J.J.’s rag,
In a radi-o-ac-tive science lab,
When a-long came a spider, who bit now he,
Is web slingin’ and swingin’ through N.Y.C.!
Now Spiderman he, was so cocky,
And all he wanted, was to buzz T.V.,
But after Uncle’s murder it, made him see,
With great power comes, responsibility.
And now criminals, all around the town,
Will turn tails, and scatter, when they hear this sound:

(9 measures, DJ scratches, Spiderman Theme is sampled)

Now Peter Parker’s, an embarker, known as Spiderman,
But Norman Osborne’s, gotten darker, in his corporate plan,
After he took a serum, wild delirium,
Out to kill Spidey, and everyone near ‘em.
On his Glider, throwin’ bombs, Green Goblin, he be illin’!
So with timin’, Spidey’s climbin’, stoppin’ crime and all the villains.
Scorpion, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Rhino,
Venom, Carnage, Doctor Ock, and Electro.
Loves his Aunt May, Mary Jane, yeah he’d like, to meet her,
Get the girl, save the world, and his name is Peter!

(8 measures, DJ scratches, Spiderman Theme is sampled)

It goes a one, two, three, hit it!
Spidey’s like the X-Men, as I was told,
Mutant powers and such, he’s brave and bold.
Like Xavier, who’s the savior, of the babes like Rogue.
Her and Storm, will make you warm, while they both stay, in vogue.
And there’s Jean Grey, to see her play, will make you say,
God damn that Stan Lee made my day.
Cyclops’ vision, is beamin’, Magneto is schemin’,
Yeah he’s dreamin’, of reamin’. Toad’s a little demon.
Logan “Wolverine’s” powers, will heal all his wounds,
When he fights, with claws, ‘gainst Sabretooth.
Now Reed can stretch, for a mile or more.
He’s the mister of, the Fantastic Four.
With Invisible Sue, and a Thing that’s orange.
Just don’t get scorched, by the Human Torch.
Get Banner mad, you’ll shout ‘egad!’
He’s the big green Hulk, whose temper is bad.
He’s the big green Hulk, in your neighborhood.
Hulk SMASH something SMASH, he SMASH something GOOD!

(2 measures, DJ scratches)

There it is!

(12 measures, DJ scratches, 6 measures in we sing our own version of the Spiderman Theme)

Hey Devo, let’s break it down.
All right.
Yeah! Spiderman,
Uh-huh! Spinning webs from here to Japan.
C’mon! See him there, swingin’ higher.
Homeboy looks like Tobey Macguire!
Look out!
The Spider house rules!
Here comes the Spiderman!
Bone Saw is ready! Oooh yeah!

When Captain America, has adventures,
He calls upon the Avengers.
Iron Man’s armor, and with Thor’s hammer,
Soon Victor Von Doom, is in the slammer. (sl-, sl-, sl-, sl-, sl-, sl-, sl-, sl-, slam!)
Silver Surfer’s all shiny.
Daredevil’s cool, but he can’t see.
Do they compare? None of them can,
To your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!

(8 measures, DJ scratches, Spiderman Theme sampled)
(fadeout last 4 measures)


from Uber Geek, released April 26, 2002
Lyrics & Vocals by the great Luke Ski
Music & engineering: J.T. Sienkowski




the great Luke Ski Burbank, California

"the great Luke Ski" is The Dr. Demento Show's most requested artist of the 21st Century. His parodies and original songs about pop-culture have made him a favorite performer at fandom conventions all across the country. Founding member of The Funny Music Project, aka 'the FuMP' .com .

Luke Ski is an animation Storyboarder, Writer, & Voice-Over Actor.

The opinions expressed here are mine alone.
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